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$17,000 donation on behalf of R2000 homeowners given to Earth Rangers

Saturday, April 8th 2006 5:34:01pm

(Vaughan, April 8, 2006) Cameron Ridsdale, Chairman of EnerQuality Corporation, with Ontario Minister of Energy Donna Cansfield and Sally Moore of the Cement Association of Canada, presented a cheque for $17,000 to Scott Beffort of Earth Rangers, during Sustainable Future Day yesterday at the Earth Rangers Centre in Vaughan.  The donation was from the Cement Association of Canada, which donated up to $200 on behalf of each person who purchased a new R2000 home in 2005, with $100 for each home, plus an additional $50 if it had concrete walls to the roof and another $50 if it had concrete radiant floor heating.  EnerQuality Corporation has been running the R2000 Housing Program in Ontario since 1998.

“R2000 builders are at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, but they couldn’t do it without the people who buy the homes, and the support of organizations like the Cement Association of Canada,” said Mr. Ridsdale.  “The R2000 program is the foundation of Canadian energy efficient homebuilding.  The success and experience of R2000 building is immeasurably responsible for the current surge in energy efficient home building in Ontario, through programs like Energy Star for New Homes and EnerGuide for New Houses.”

There were 86 new R2000 homes built in Ontario in 2005.  Each home is at least 40% more energy efficient than a home build to minimum Ontario Building Code requirements.  In total, these 86 new homes will save about 86,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2006 by over 300 tonnes per year.


For more information or for a high resolution photo, contact Brent Kulba, ECO, 416-972-7401

EnerQuality Corporation administers and promotes the R-2000, EnerGuide for New Houses and ENERGY STAR® for New Homes and Building Canada initiatives in Ontario. For years, EnerQuality has been a leader in promoting energy efficient home building and providing the best in building science education to the housing industry.

R-2000 certified homes offer high energy-efficiency and advanced indoor air quality by incorporating tighter construction, higher insulation values and mechanical ventilation.  An independent, third party expert inspects each house to ensure that it meets these requirements before it can be certified as an R-2000 home. Only licensed R-2000 builders who have been trained by the Government of Canada can build R-2000 homes.

Cement Association of Canada represents 100% of Canadian cement producers and is the national and regional voice of Canada’s cement industry, which seeks to increase awareness of cement and concrete’s contribution to vibrant communities, a healthy environment and a competitive economy.

Earth Rangers is a wildlife hospital and education centre for children. This facility incorporates a world class veterinarian research and training hospital, Canada’s only oil spill response unit dedicated to wildlife, and interactive educational displays for the public. Leading edge environmental technologies in their building make the Centre a showplace of environmental responsibility.