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Enbridge and EnviroCentre team up for energy efficiency

Friday, November 28th 2008 11:57:45am

Media Release
For Immediate Distribution

Warming up to a good cause
Enbridge and EnviroCentre team up for energy efficiency

(Ottawa, ON - November 28, 2008)  Over 100 community housing homes in Ottawa will be more energy efficient, and a lot warmer, this winter.

One of the homes being upgraded courtesy of Enbridge Gas Distribution's Home Weatherization Retrofit Program was open to the public and media today in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Vanier.  

Thanks to the provincial government, Enbridge and EnviroCentre have joined forces to retrofit 150 homes owned by Ottawa Community Housing.  The project is expected to save about 1,000 cubic metres of natural gas per house, and cut total carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tonnes, each year.  

The basements of most homes have been upgraded from R-zero to R-12, and most attics have been upgraded from less than R-30 to over R-50. As a result, they now conform to the Ontario Building Code for new homes, making them more comfortable for residents and 30% more energy efficient.  

The Hon. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community and Social Services, said it was yet another step in the right direction.

"This good news is just the beginning and not the end of this story. I hope there will be more initiatives like this, not only in my constituency but in every other community across Ontario."

Steve Koch, Chair of EnviroCentre, praised the unique partnership.

"We're very pleased that the provincial government is supporting initiatives that improve the energy-efficiency of the public housing infrastructure," said Steve Koch, Chair of EnviroCentre, "They are the perfect way to reduce the carbon footprint of older buildings.  Everyone benefits - residents, taxpayers and the environment."

More information about Enbridge's Home Weatherization Retrofit Program is available at:

More information about EnviroCentre is available at:

For more details, please contact:

Dana Silk, General Manager, EnviroCentre        
Mobile: 613-255-8557

is the City of Ottawa's non-profit partner for delivering energy efficiency services, including ecoEnergy evaluations that can qualify households for up to $10,000 in rebates. It generates most of its revenue from retail sales but receives support from the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation for specific projects.