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Leader in homebuilding, Marvin Goldman of Durham Homes, steps down after 55 years

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 9:52:26am

Certificate of Recognition from the Conservation Bureau presented for years of building energy-efficient homes

(April 26, 2006)  After 55 years of building high-quality homes in Ontario, Marvin Goldman of Durham Homes is stepping down from the day to day management of homebuilding.  He made this announcement this morning at Durham Homes’ newest ENERGY STAR® qualified home where Bryan Young, Manager of the Conservation Fund for the Ontario Power Authority’s Conservation Bureau, presented a Certificate of Recognition to him for his long-term contribution to energy-efficient homebuilding in Ontario.  Among the 75 + attendees were Mayor John Gray, Victor Fiume, President of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, Peter Saturno, Director of EnerQuality Corporation, and several of Mr. Goldman’s family and long-time associates.

“Marvin is a true leader in energy conservation,” said Mr. Young.  “I’m very pleased to present this Certificate of Recognition to someone who has worked so hard for so long to help make Ontario a better place to live.”

Mr. Goldman first became involved in new home construction in 1951, when he joined his father Harry and brother Nat in their homebuilding business, G & G Construction, which later evolved into Durham Homes.

Over the years, Mr. Goldman has developed a reputation for being a leader in building high-quality, energy-efficient homes, even when it was unfashionable to do so.  He was one of the first in Durham Region to insist on 2 x 6 construction in all new houses, which allows for a sturdier structure and thicker insulation.  He also included Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs), which recover heat when exchanging stale air for fresh air, regardless of whether such houses were for the starter crowd or the upscale market.

“Marvin consistently set a high standard of quality and workmanship for all of the houses he built,” said Jeff Goldman of Durham Homes.  “He was always a field man, working closely with site construction staff, trades and suppliers to ensure everything was done right.”

When Mr. Goldman began participating in the R-2000 initiative in the 1990’s, he had some of his non R-2000 houses measured for heat loss.  These homes were very close to being R-2000 compliant without any additional measures required.  He found participation in both the R-2000 and ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiatives a relatively simple move, as the construction techniques used by the company were largely in keeping with the outcomes of the initiatives.

“For his expertise, commitment to quality and energy efficiency, Marvin is a highly regarded and respected figure within the homebuilding industry,” said Mr. Saturno.  “It has been a great pleasure working with him.”

Mr. Goldman’s nephew, Jeff, continues the Goldman tradition as Principal of Durham Homes.

For more information or high resolution photos, contact Kathy Chateauvert, Durham Homes,
(905) 576-8805, kchateauvert@thedurhamgroup.ca or Barton Sala, Ontario Power Authority, 416-969-6009, barton.sala@powerauthority.on.ca

More information on Durham Homes can also be found at www.kingswayforest.com.

The R-2000, EnerGuide, and ENERGY STAR marks are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.