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Tree Canada enables Lifford Wine Agency to undertake Canada’s first carbon-neutral wine event

Tuesday, May 2nd 2006 11:30:01am

Tree Canada is planting 875 trees on the Oak Ridges Moraine to offset the 20 tonnes of carbon from the event

(Toronto, May 2, 2006)  Michael Rosen, Vice President of Tree Canada, announced that the 3rd Annual Lifford Grand Tasting has been certified as the first carbon neutral wine tasting event to take place in Canada.  Steven Campbell, President of the Toronto based Lifford Wine Agency, said the sold out Lifford Grand Tasting is taking place on May 3, 2006, at the Eglinton Grand Theatre (400 Eglinton Avenue West, just west of Avenue Road).

Tree Canada determined that approximately 20 tonnes of carbon would be released through the travel by winery representatives from various countries across the globe, including France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa, and other forms of energy consumption surrounding the event.  To offset these emissions, Lifford, in association with Tree Canada, will plant 875 trees this Spring on the Oak Ridges Moraine, just north of Toronto.

“We are always pleased when companies like Lifford step forward to accept the environmental challenges of running their businesses and help mitigate climate change,” said Michael Rosen, Vice-President of Tree Canada. “We respect the fact that Lifford is offsetting the carbon attributed to their internationally-renowned event.”

Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program involves assessing the amount of carbon dioxide an event produces and then planting enough trees to absorb all of that carbon dioxide to make the event carbon neutral.  A mature tree can absorb about 225 kilograms of carbon over its life.  

“Lifford Wine Agency’s charitable mandate is environmentally focused.  We are happy to join our global wine partners in giving back to the environment to ensure a healthy biosphere,” said Campbell.  Many of Lifford Wine Agency’s wineries practice sustainable agricultural farming and winemaking techniques.

With tickets selling out weeks in advance, wine lovers eagerly anticipate this spectacular tasting. In attendance, there will be 37 winemakers and winery representatives from five continents to present some 250 wines that make up part of Lifford’s exclusive portfolio.  It is a one-of-a kind event in Canada with offerings such as Cakebread Cellars, Maison Louis Jadot, Ironstone and Joseph Phelps.  Attendees will also be treated to the culinary offerings of Crush, Barberian’s, Rodney’s Oyster House, Alex Farms Cheese and Ace Bakery.


For more information please contact:

Michael Rosen, Tree Canada, (613) 290-3665,,

Joanna Steele, Lifford, (416) 440 4101,,

Tree Canada Foundation is a charitable organization established to encourage Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments. To date, the Foundation has engaged more than 60 Canadian companies and government agencies to support the planting of more than 75 million trees, the greening of more than 350 schoolyards, six national urban forestry conferences, over 40 carbon neutral events and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees.