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First the Pods Invaded Europe… Now They Are Here! Cyclepods That Is

Thursday, October 7th 2010 11:58:15am

Media Release

First the Pods Invaded Europe… Now They Are Here!
Cyclepods That Is

(TORONTO, ON. October 7, 2010) Bikes are causing congestion. As bicycle use continues to increase in cities across Canada, a key issue has become the availability of sufficient, convenient parking for users of this environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

An innovative bike storage system is now available to transform bicycle parking in commercial, residential and public spaces across Canada. Cyclepod, the award winning cycle storage system developed and manufactured in the UK, was launched at *BOMEX ® 2010, BOMA Canada’s National Conference and Trade Show at the Sheraton Centre Toronto on September 15th.

James Steward, Cyclepods inventor and winner of the Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 award, comments: "We are very excited about working more closely with our Canadian partners who are ideally positioned to take our innovative product to the overseas market."

Under the leadership of Cyclepods Ontario Inc. President, Bill Thomson, a full product line is now available to the Canadian market with the initial focus in Ontario. “There is a product to suit all applications whether inside or out” says Thomson, “the line-up includes the “Cyclepod”, the “Street pod”, the “Spacepod” and the “Mini-pod” and we can already see the excitement building”.

The products innovative design is highly secure and saves space in highly congested urban centres. The Cyclepod stores eight bikes in a two meter diameter, so a single Cylepod takes up 30% less space than the equivalent traditional stands. Two Cyclepods can fit into one car parking space and accommodate 16 bikes. The Minipod (for children's bikes) uses 40% less space than traditional stands and the Spacepod, for underground installations, saves nearly 50%. Not only that, its unique design allows bikes to be easily rolled into place by men and women, young and old.

Sustainability is key for Cyclepods - the entire range of standard products is made of industrial grade polymer, which is 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Custom coloured units are by necessity virgin plastic, but 100% recyclable. The UK manufacturer is proud to be a “carbon neutral” company.

“Even though sustainability is a major factor, the space saving characteristics make this a very practical solution to an issue that is not going away. If they haven’t already, many municipalities are in the process of enacting bylaws requiring the provision of safe and secure indoor bike storage,” says Chuck Stradling, VP Commercial Development. “As an added service, if a building manager provides us with a floor plan, we can even provide a detailed layout of the installation.”

Another key product is the Streetpod, which not only provides safe and secure parking, it features panels to allow paid advertising or sponsorship. “This could be a significant opportunity for municipalities to provide an effective bike parking program while offsetting the costs to taxpayers,” states Stradling. “We are already in discussion with some of the large advertising agencies to determine their interest”.  

Security is another huge concern for bikers. Bicycles are locked on at multiple points, ensuring that even the most expensive and highly targeted parts of bikes are secured. Padlocks cannot be moved to the ground and damaged (the most common method of cycle theft) and once a bike is secured, it can't be lifted or maneuvered.

Of course it always comes down to what it costs. Products can be purchased outright, on a lease to own basis or on rental. Contact Cyclepods Ontario Inc. directly for the pricing option that works for you.
To find our more about this Cyclepods, please visit our website at or call us at 1-866-282-9560.


To schedule interviews, please contact:
Bill Thomson, President, Cyclepods Ontario Inc., 519-902-5763 or email

Chuck Stradling, VP Commercial Development, Cyclepods Ontario Inc.,

* BOMEX® is a registered trademark owned by BOMA Calgary and used under licence

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