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10,000th interview scheduled for 2010-2011 - High school friends celebrate ParentInterview.com milestone

Tuesday, March 8th 2011 10:56:51am

Media Release

Saving time, paper and phone calls while making the lives of teachers and parents easier

(Toronto, ON March 8, 2011) Two high school friends, and now business partners, created an online parent-teacher interview scheduling service in 2005 at the request of Northern High School principal, Bob Milne. Principal Milne was faced with scheduling 5000 post-report card interviews twice per year. The Northern High School alumni developed ParentInterview.com as a tool to save Milne and teachers’ time and create an improved experience for parents.

ParentInterview.com provides a secure and cost-effective service to schools that eliminates paper-based forms and phone calls for parents trying to schedule interviews with their children’s teachers. The service is currently used in Switzerland and three different school boards in Canada.

Last week, with an interview booked at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, ParentInterview.com surpassed 10,000 interviews scheduled for the current academic year.

One parent remarked that "[t]he new system is a dream! We loved it!" She continued, "[i]t took no time at all to complete and could be done in just a few minutes from my iPad at the kitchen table!"

Last year, Parentinterview.com founders Addison Cameron-Huff and John Piasetzki added fellow alumnus Ryan Hux to the team. Hux, a recent Richard Ivey School of Business graduate, is eager to apply his skills to what "is a spectacular opportunity to revolutionize how schools interact with parents."

The founding pair have continued to add new features and improve ParentInterview.com while earning degrees at Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo. John Piasetzki graduates this year from Queen’s with a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and looks forward to working full-time with Ryan. Addison Cameron-Huff, a Bio-Med graduate from Waterloo, is now a second year law student at Queen’s.

The three partners are on track to have ParentInterview.com processing 15,000 interviews per year by the end of this academic term.


For more details visit http://www.parentinterview.com
To schedule media interviews, please contact
Addison Cameron-Huff: addy@parentinterview.com or 613-292-6367.

Backgrounder - Benefits of ParentInterview.com

1. Saves time for parents, teachers and administrators
Our online management system handles all aspects of the booking process.

2. Increases parent attendance and engagement
Schools that have used our system have noted a dramatic increase in the number of parents who attend interviews. Teachers can easily see who they met with by consulting their interview schedule which includes the email address and/or phone number of the parent/guardian.

3. Simple and reliable
Parents love how easy our system is. Some of our most loyal fans are parents who ask their schools to start using ParentInterview. Thousands of parents have booked interviews over our six years in business.

4. Secure
Our system is secure against hackers and uses access control so that only those with permission can access the personal information. Information about parents and students is not retained after each interview session.

5. Allows parents to schedule appointments directly
Parents receive a code that they can use to log in and schedule appointments themselves. This is both more efficient and empowering to parents who no longer need to submit paper forms and hope for the best time slots.  Parents can have their schedules in front of them as they look for a timeslot that is available for both parties.  Updates happen in real time.