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Environmental Commissioner releases first Ontario government report in EPUB format

Tuesday, June 14th 2011 11:04:17am

Media Release

(Toronto, ON, June 14, 2011) The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO), Gord Miller, has published the Ontario government's first report in EPUB format (.epub): Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report - 2010 (Volume One): Managing a Complex Energy System. This will allow more Ontarians (and people in other jurisdictions) to access the report and learn about the Ontario government's performance in environmental policies.

"Twenty years ago, if someone wanted to read a government report, they had to go to a library. Today, accessing the report is as simple as downloading and opening it on a tablet," stated Commissioner Miller.

Reports published electronically not only increase accessibility, but also benefit the environment. "Before the Internet era, we were required to produce 5,000 printed copies of each of our annual reports,' said Miller. "Now that the Internet has become a part of most people's lives, we can and do publish our reports electronically. We now use much less paper and save thousands of dollars every time we prepare a report."

The Toronto Public Library (TPL) has included the EPUB version of Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report - 2010 (Volume One): Managing a Complex Energy System in the collections. To access the report through the TPL, please visit www.torontopubliclibrary.ca

To download the EPUB version of Annual Energy Conservation Progress Report - 2010 (Volume One): Managing a Complex Energy System, visit www.eco.on.ca

Reports published in EPUB format by the ECO are available free of charge from the ECO website. All future reports will be available in the following formats: print, PDF, HTML and EPUB (.epub).

For more information visit www.eco.on.ca

To schedule interviews, contact:
Maria Leung, Communications & Outreach Coordinator, 416-325-3371 or email maria.leung@eco.on.ca

Aussi disponible en fran├žais.

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province's independent environmental watchdog. Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO monitors and reports on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, the government's progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and its actions towards achieving greater energy conservation in Ontario.  

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario reading his annual conservation report in EPUB format on his tablet