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National Boycott of Feedlot Salmon - Chilliwack Chapter

Thursday, January 10th 2013 11:56:17am

Media Release

“Today, we launch the Chilliwack chapter’s robust and vigorous campaign to boycott open net feedlot salmon. This is a people’s movement.  People are consumers. With expanded awareness people can make healthy, ethical choices, one of which would be to boycott feedlot salmon,” Eddie Gardner said. Eddie is from the Skwah First Nation and he is taking the lead on organizing the boycott here in Chilliwack.

“The devastating track record of open net feedlots on the west coast and east coast over 20 some years is getting worse, not better,” said Chris Gadson. Chris was part of the Paddle for the Wild Salmon in 2010, which resulted in Bruce Cohen asking for the release of the disease records for the previous ten years. Growing concerns about deadly European viruses have sparked grave concern that this could spread to wild salmon resulting in a total collapse. This is serious, because it would mean that BC’s wild salmon would go the way of the eastern cod. Wild salmon represents a huge part of BC’s economy, as well as a crucial part of the ocean and watershed ecosystems.

“Salmon are sacred to us Stó:lõ,” said Robert Jimmie. “First Nations people need to be consulted on any further decisions that are taken respecting any expansion or renewals of fish farm licenses,” Robert says.

Bruce Cohen released his report in October of 2012, just after the Harper government passed its omnibus budget Bill C-38. Bruce Cohen was disappointed that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who launched the Cohen Commission Inquiry into the 2009 disappearance of Fraser sockeye salmon, didn’t wait for his report as he gutted the Fisheries Act and removed environmental protective measures. DFO staff was significantly reduced further crippling its capacity to protect wild salmon. Bruce Cohen also recommended that DFO remove the conflict of interest in promoting and supporting the aquaculture industry and at the same having the mandate to protect the marine environment and wild fisheries.

“If we truly want wild salmon to continue to be a part of Supernatural BC, it is up to the people,” said Gary Haggquist, an artist from Cultus Lake.

The Chilliwack Chapter will continue to educate the public about the fragile existence of wild salmon in BC and will work in solidarity with thousands of concerned citizens from coast to coast.  We will work in harmony with the National Boycott of Feedlot salmon. “We won’t stop until those open net feedlots are removed from the east and west coast,” said Eddie Gardner. Here in BC, we are urging Premier Christy Clark not to renew any feedlot license operations. Sign the petition: http://www.change.org/nosalmonfarmleases.

For more information contact:

Eddie Gardner