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Aurora celebrates Maple Leaf Day

Wednesday, September 27th 2006 9:25:25am

Tree planting in Aurora marks Maple Leaf Day

Aurora Mayor and representatives from Maple Leaves Forever, Trees Ontario Foundation and Ontario Forestry Association join local residents to mark anniversary

(Aurora, ON, September 27, 2006)  Today, Maple Leaves Forever, the Ontario Forestry Association and Trees Ontario Foundation joined with 25 people at the Aurora Arboretum to celebrate Maple Leaf Day by planting trees and sharing the connection between Canadians and our forests.

Maple Leaf Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday in September during National Forest Week. It gives Canadians a chance to reflect on the bond between their lives and the maple leaf – a symbol of Canadians’ historical, economic and environmental link to trees.

Participants were treated to a workshop on the health of trees and given a guided tour of the arboretum which houses various species of trees and shrubs.

Nationally, there are 41 communities commemorating Maple Leaf Day.

Ken Jewett, founder of Maple Leaves Forever, was on hand to help present the tree saplings for planting.  He says, “Celebrations like Maple Leaf Day give people an opportunity to see and learn first hand the impact of a healthy forest on our environment.”

Maple Leaves Forever is an organization dedicated to restoring the Maple tree to the Canadian landscape.  

Carla Grant, Executive Director of the Ontario Forestry Association, says, “The theme of National Forest Week is ‘Connecting People and Forests,’ and events like Maple Leaf Day help highlight the importance of forests in our daily lives as Canadians.”

In Ontario, there are 59 different tree species and over 71 million hectares of forested land, making Ontario the second largest in terms of total forested land area among the provinces. This represents 17% of Canada’s total forested land area and 2% of the worlds’ forests.

Jewett added, “Any time Maple Leaves Forever can help increase awareness and commitment to properly managing and respecting our forested lands, we’re happy to help.”


For more information, please contact:

Ken Jewett, President, Maple Leaves Forever, 416-755-9263 Ex 222, kenmlf@yahoo.com, www.mapleleavesforever.com

Rob Keen, Program Manager, Trees Ontario, 1-800-387-0790 or www.treesontario.on.ca, robk@treesontario.on.ca

Carla Grant, Executive Director, Ontario Forestry Association, 1-800-387-0790 or www.oforest.on.ca, forestry@oforest.on.ca

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