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Toronto’s Blockchain sector will strut its stuff during the first Toronto Blockchain Week from April 22-28, 2019

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019 9:42:36am

Toronto is a global blockchain industry hub. Between, April 22 and 28th, hundreds of developers, companies, researchers, professional advisors, and investors will converge to participate in the first Toronto Blockchain Week (TBW). TBW celebrates Toronto’s global importance in the blockchain industry and is an opportunity to profile projects, demonstrate cutting-edge technology and the enormous depth of blockchain expertise that exists in this city.

Longtime Toronto blockchain community leaders, Marek Laskowski, Eden Dhaliwal, and Addison Cameron-Huff founded Toronto Blockchain Week (TBW).  Each of the organizers was motivated by the value of bringing together the incredibly diverse group of startups, investors, universities, enterprises, enthusiasts, and research networks based in Toronto.

Each organizer has strong opinions on why it is time for TBW. Eden Dhaliwal observes, “I work with companies all over the world that recognize Toronto as a blockchain powerhouse, but in here in Toronto we fly below the radar. We expect TBW to change this.”

TBW co-founder Addison Cameron-Huff adds, “Toronto’s tech sector is a big deal economically and intellectually, as a city we are eclipsing other major North American tech hubs.  This is in part a direct response to the concentration of blockchain talent. TBW is an overdue celebration of our startups, enterprises and research networks.”

According to Marek Laskowski, “There’s some really top-notch research going on in Toronto, in the enterprise blockchain space and otherwise. I’m really proud to be part of the community here.”

“The strength and depth of the blockchain community is demonstrated by the speed in which the self-organized independent events have emerged, it’s very decentralized!” remarks Community Manager Shane Gotkin.

TBW is anchored by two international conferences and closes with a 48-hour Blockchain hackathon. True to the spirit of blockchain technology, TBW is an “open event”, expected to feature approximately 40 community led "meetups", workshops, parties and opportunities to network and learn about blockchain (beginners welcome!).

TBW is not charging attendees to participate, nor charging community events to get listed, and does not receive any ticket proceeds revenue.  Community events are self-organized, with individual events deciding what, if any fees are charged.

A growing list of events and sponsors can be found in the “community section” at http://www.torontoblockchainweek.io/

Following celebratory TBW kickoff events on Monday April 22nd, the first of the two international conferences, Rebuild begins (https://rebuildconference.org/). Rebuild runs from April 23rd to the April 24th and features international thought leaders, investor journalists and academics. Then on April 24th and 25th Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) the world’s premier enterprise blockchain event takes place (https://www.blockchainresearchinstitute.org/blockchain-revolution-global/).

Other high-profile events include an academic symposium hosted by the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) in collaboration with the Schulich School of Business on focusing on the work of local academic researchers. The week is bookended by the blockchain-focused 48-hour Blockhack hackathon (http://www.blockhack.ca/) spanning Friday April 26th through Sunday April 28th showcasing the amazingly talented developers, creative, and technologists that hail from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond!

Visit our official website http://www.torontoblockchainweek.io/ to sign up for the TBW mailing list, and more.

Media Contact - Jon Reed - jreed@ecostrategy.ca - 416-972-7401

About Toronto Blockchain Week 2019
Toronto is a global hub of the blockchain industry. From April 22nd till the 28th, hundreds of developers, companies, professional advisors, investors, and projects will converge in Toronto to celebrate how far we've come and demonstrate cutting-edge technology. Toronto Blockchain Week is not charging attendees to participate, not charging community events to get listed, and does not receive any ticket proceeds.

If you have an idea for an event or would like to insert it onto the TBW schedule, please reach out to organizers@torontoblockchainweek.io

There is no fee to run a TBW event and logistical/financial support for community hosted events may be available.

A growing list of events and sponsors can be in the “community section” at http://www.torontoblockchainweek.io/

Torontonians who work in the blockchain industry founded TBW: Addison Cameron-Huff, Eden Dhaliwal and Marek Laskowski.