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Ontario, Canada

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Ontario’s Premier McGuinty and Minister Duncan team up to demonstrate leadership in the quest for greater energy efficiency

Friday, November 3rd 2006 1:57:56pm

(Mississauga, Ontario, November 3rd, 2006)  “Leadership is the one element that is common amongst jurisdictions that have implemented successful conservation programs,” said Ken Elsey, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA). “It all starts at the top; developing a vision and a plan, then following through.  And it appears that that is what Ontario’s Premier McGuinty and Energy Minister Duncan are set on doing with today’s announcements of new conservation measures.”

The three programs introduced today include—a Beer Fridge Bounty, a Program for Peak Reduction and a “10-10” incentive for Summer Savings—all of which are being promoted under the “PowerWISE” brand.

Beer Fridge Bounty
Refrigerators are one of the largest consumers of electricity in the home, especially older models which can consume up to four times the electricity of newer, ENERGY STAR refrigerators.  Providing incentives province wide to encourage retirement of these energy hogs will have a significant impact on energy demand.

Program for Peak Reduction
This is a voluntary program that aims at reducing electricity consumption during the summer months.  Electronic devices are installed in subscriber’s homes or offices to allow system operators to remotely cycle down air conditioners, pool pumps and water heaters for short periods during summer days when supply is stretched.  Homeowners will receive a small financial incentive to allow the installation and operation of control devices, with larger incentives for office buildings.

“10-10” Program for Summer Savings
This program aims to reduce demand during the summer by offering residential and small business consumers an incentive.  In Toronto, where the program was in place over the summer of 2006, consumers who cut power use by 10 per cent during a set period received an additional 10 per cent rebate on electricity bills.

Each of these programs has been piloted in communities in the province with positive results. “It’s the right approach” said Arunas Pleckaitis, Chair of CEEA and Vice President of Enbridge Gas Distribution. “Ontario is taking a very business like approach to a very serious issue.  While these initiatives are not the total solution to Ontario’s conservation goals they are an indication of this government’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency.”

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For more information contact:
Ken Elsey
Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
(905) 614-1641

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), a broad based, not-for-profit organization, was established (1995) to respond to the lack of a coordinated multi-stakeholder effort to promote energy efficiency in Canada, leading to enhanced competitiveness and improved environmental protection. The Alliance works in partnership with manufacturers, utilities, governments, builders, labour, consumer groups, and environmental organizations to facilitate the adoption of energy efficiency measures in Canada. The Alliance is supported through fees and project contributions from members.