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Ontario, Canada

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IJC Commissioners to hold news conference at Toronto’s Harbour Front Square

Tuesday, June 4th 2019 12:50:18pm

The International Joint Commission (IJC) will hold a news conference at Harbour Front Square on June 5, 2019 after inspecting flood impacts on the Toronto Islands. The new Canadian and US Commissioners, who started on May 17 and May 20 respectively, are focusing on water levels as their first priority and will receive briefings in Toronto this week. Four of the new Commissioners toured the Lake Ontario shoreline in Greece, New York on May 28 and the new Canadian Chair toured the St. Lawrence River shoreline at Lac St. Pierre on June 3.

        Time and Location of News Conference:
        From 4:30-5:00 PM on Wednesday, June 5, 2019
        Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
        Harbour Square Park
        At Bay Street just south of Queens Quay West

        News Conference Participants:
        Pierre Béland, Canadian Section Chair
        Jane Corwin, US Section Chair
        Henry Lickers, Canadian Commissioner
        Merrell-Ann Phare, Canadian Commissioner
        Robert Sisson, US Commissioner
        Lance Yohe, US Commissioner

The International Joint Commission (IJC) was established under the Boundary Waters Treaty to help Canada and the United States prevent and resolve disputes over the waters shared by the two countries. One of the IJC’s responsibilities is to approve projects and set conditions for their operation to protect interests that may be affected in Canada and the United States. Projects approved by the IJC include the Moses-Saunders Dam at Cornwall, Ontario, which regulated the outflow of water from Lake Ontario.

Sarah Lobrichon Ottawa Lobrichons@ottawa.ijc.org       Mobile: 613-794-8592
Frank Bevacqua Washington Bevacquaf@washington.ijc.org  Mobile: 202-412-1017