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Citizens Bank of Canada announces “Green Mortgages”

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 12:31:54pm


Citizens Bank of Canada announces “Green Mortgages”: Ontario homeowners to receive home energy efficiency help

TORONTO, April 17th, 2007// --   Today, Citizens Bank of Canada, in partnership with the Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) and Green$aver, unveiled a “Green Mortgage” in downtown Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation.

The Citizens Bank “Green Mortgage” allows Ontarians to secure a mortgage at competitive rates that goes further than any other to satisfy their energy conservation needs.

“Today’s announcement signifies a new level of member care and social responsibility in Canadian banking services,” said Jason Farris, president and CEO of Citizens Bank of Canada. “The partnership formed between Citizens Bank of Canada, the Conservation Council of Ontario and Green$aver allows borrowers to match their environmental desires with their financial needs.  We embrace the opportunity to help Ontarians conserve energy and reduce their environmental impact.”

Each “Green Mortgage” holder will receive a blue curb-side recycling box containing ten compact fluorescent light bulbs, a registration rebate for a Green$aver Home Energy Audit,  product samples, and coupons for trees, renewable power, car-sharing, and other environmental products and services, with a retail value of over $800.

Citizens Bank of Canada was an early supporter of environmental and ethical financial programs and is the only bank in Canada with an ethical policy that publicly states its position on key social and environmental issues.  Citizens Bank of Canada is the first Canadian bank to commit to neutralize their carbon dioxide (C02) emissions by 2010.

“Citizens Bank of Canada is setting a new standard for eco-mortgages,” said CCO executive director Chris Winter. “Not only is the bank taking steps to reduce its own carbon emissions to combat climate change, it’s making it easier for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes and help build a conservation movement across Ontario.  The enthusiasm demonstrated by Jason Farris and his staff, combined with the opportunity to reach individuals and the community in a real way, is something we are proud to be part of.”

Green$aver president and CEO Vladan Veljovic added that, “Having companies like Citizens Bank of Canada provide these types of services demonstrates that market-driven incentives are not only possible, but are now accessible to the average household.  Green$aver looks forward to working with Citizens Bank of Canada and other like-minded partners in promoting this initiative to the benefit of Ontarians.”

A technical briefing and luncheon for select local real estate agents was conducted by Chris Chopik of EvolutionGreen.Com following the announcement.


For further information, to arrange interviews or for photos, please contact:

Jonathan Laderoute, Environmental Communications Options (416) 972-7401, laderoutej@huffstrategy.com

Victoria Miles, Corporate Communications Consultant, Citizens Bank of Canada
(604) 877-7561, victoria_miles@citizensbank.ca

John Filice, Director - Residential Mortgage Development, Citizens Bank of Canada,
(416) 868-8315, cell, (416) 417-3126, john_filice@citizensbank.ca

To arrange a viewing of a Green$aver Home Energy Audit contact:

Tracy Chong, Director of Marketing and Communications, Green$aver,
(416) 203-3106 ext. 229, cell, (416) 709-9269, tracy@greensaver.org

Citizens Bank of Canada is the only bank in Canada with an Ethical Policy that publicly states its position on key social and environmental issues. Wholly owned by Vancity Savings Credit Union, Citizens Bank of Canada offers 24 hour, seven-days-a-week service through the Internet and telephone.  Visit www.citizensbank.ca/ontariomortgage.

The Conservation Council of Ontario is a provincial association of organizations and conservation leaders working to facilitate the transition to a conserver society and a conserver economy in Ontario.  Visit www.weconserve.ca

Green$aver is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to environmental home energy efficiency.  Green$aver provides specialized services for air sealing, draft proofing and insulation.  They organize and perform energy education and outreach programs to provide local communities with the energy efficiency information and tools they need.  Visit www.greensaver.org.