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Over 600 attend hearing health awareness party in Toronto

Wednesday, May 2nd 2007 6:16:45pm

Media Release - For Immediate Release - Attention News Editors

(Toronto, Ontario, May 2, 2007)  Twice as big as last year, over 600 people attended the Hear for Life!' Sears Hearing Centres' 12th Annual 'Hear for Life!' Party at Toronto's Old Mill Inn today as part of Hearing Awareness Month.  Master of Ceremonies Erin Davis, the co-host of CHFI's Morning Show, introduced special guests, including MPP Bob Delaney (Mississauga West), the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Seniors Jim Bradley.

"Hearing Awareness Month is about improving quality of life, including for seniors," said Mr. Delaney.  "I commend 'Hear for Life!' Hearing Centres for encouraging early detection and prevention of hearing loss."

Gael Hannan, a hearing impaired writer and actor performed the internationally renowned one woman show Unheard Voices, an informative and humorous presentation about hearing health.  Aidan Mason, guitarist and violinist for Anne Murray, performed with guitarist Mike Allen.

"It's great to see such a crowd at the largest 'Hear for Life!' Party we've ever had.  But there are still many people in Canada who experience hearing loss, and need encouragement to take action, for themselves and for their family members," said Rhonda Martin, 'Hear for Life!' Hearing Centres' Co-Founder and Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Approximately 3 million Canadians have some degree of hearing loss, with the biggest increase reported among 40- and 50-year olds, according to the Hearing Foundation of Canada, but only 20% are likely to ever seek corrective measures.  Studies show that the longer a person has been suffering from untreated hearing loss, the less hearing capacity they will regain with a hearing instrument, because the brain gets used to not hearing certain sounds and the associated neural patterns of recognition are lost.

At the event, 'Hear for Life!' Hearing Centres provided free hearing screenings, a hearing aid repair clinic, and a hearing health information booth.  Hearing aid manufacturers Siemens and Unitron demonstrated the range of options available to remediate hearing loss.

'Hear for Life!' will be marking Hearing Awareness Month with specials at their 11 locations for the entire month of May, including a free set of TV ears with every hearing aid order, 25% off all assistive listening devices (excluding hearing aids), hearing aid battery discounts, and manufacturer rebates of up to $100 from Siemens and Unitron.

"The kinds of options available to people have really expanded over the past 10 years.  Today's hearing instruments are carefully designed and fitted to meet each individual's lifestyle and personal preferences," said Martin.  "We fit hearing instruments, but, essentially, we are helping our clients rediscover the wonderful sounds of life."

Martin also publicly announced their new name--'Hear for Life!' Hearing Centres--for their main East York location and their 10 GTA and southwestern Ontario Sears store locations.


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