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Ever hear O Canada on the Didgeridoo?

Tuesday, August 7th 2007 2:28:52pm

Radio PSAs tackle climate change

(Toronto, Ontario, August 7, 2007)  

Colin Mochrie is tackling climate change.  Well, sort of.

The lovable Canadian comic has produced a series of radio PSAs for the Conservation Council of Ontario that challenges Ontarians to “lighten up” about their electricity consumption.

Perfect for the hot days of August, the three PSAs can be downloaded from www.weconserve.ca.  Please use the WAV file for broadcast quality.

Move to Australia:   Colin figures that since we like it so cold in the summer, we should all move to Australia where it’s their winter in our summer.  He gets the didgeridoo player to play the opening to O Canada.

Save the Arctic:  Colin takes a load of air conditioners up to the Arctic by dogsled.  Only problem is the ice has turned to “mush.”

The benefits of air-drying:  Colin gets confused about air-drying, but soon clues in that using a clothesline is “good for your air.”  

Colin’s PSAs are part of the We Conserve campaign, designed to promote a conservation movement in Ontario.



Chris Winter, Executive Director, Conservation Council of Ontario, 416-533-1635 ext. 1

The Conservation Council of Ontario is a provincial association of organizations and conservation leaders working to facilitate the transition to a conserver society and a conserver economy in Ontario.  Visit www.weconserve.ca for more information.  (Charitable # 11887 4858 RR0001)