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Ontario, Canada

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Conservation Council of Ontario supports sales tax exemption on bikes and helmets

Thursday, September 20th 2007 1:01:37pm

Conservation Council supports sales tax exemption on bikes and helmets

Public Demands Safe Cycling

(Toronto, Ontario, September 20, 2007)  

The Conservation Council of Ontario supports the recent call for a sales tax exemption on bikes and helmets proposed today by the Bicycling Trade Association of Canada (BTAC) and the Think First Foundation of Canada.  

Incentives for the proper equipment are an important part of a provincial safe cycling strategy.

“Cycling is becoming a preferred option for local commuting in municipalities across Ontario,” said Chris Winter, the Council’s Executive Director.  “It’s healthy, affordable, fun, and pollution-free.  We need provincial and municipal leadership to make cycling safe.”

Polling done for the Conservation Council in the GTA in 2006 showed that 47% of the people surveyed would ride a bike to work or school or shopping if there were safe bicycle routes and bicycle paths in their community.

“Ideally, we want to see safe cycling infrastructure and strategies in place in all Ontario communities by 2012, the Kyoto deadline,” said Winter, who commutes 15 km daily by bike with his three year old daughter.

While dedicated bike lanes may take longer to install, Winter notes, shared lanes can be laid out with just a can of paint.  “It’s all about helping cars and bikes share the road safely.”


CONTACT:  Chris Winter, Executive Director, 416-533-1635 ext 1, cell: 647-393-5000

The Conservation Council of Ontario is a provincial association of organizations and conservation leaders working to facilitate the transition to a conserver society and a conserver economy in Ontario.  Visit www.weconserve.ca for more information.