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Brighton EnviroHome builder receives Certificate of Recognition

Saturday, October 13th 2007 12:01:45pm

Media Release - For Immediate Release

Chief Energy Conservation Officer applauds Gordon Tobey Developments' commitment to energy efficiency

(Brighton, ON, October 13, 2007)  Peter Love, Ontario's first Chief Energy Conservation Officer, awarded Gordon Tobey Developments with his Certificate of Recognition for outstanding commitment to building energy efficient houses.

The event took place during Brighton's Fall Parade of Homes, a showcase of 14 completed model homes by six area home builders. Gordon Tobey Developments is Brighton's only Certified R-2000 "Healthy House" builder and is currently constructing homes in their newest development - Mill Pond Woods.

The Mill Pond Woods EnviroHome includes many innovative products and systems to ensure good indoor air quality, a high level of indoor comfort year round, exceptional energy efficiency, while using many recycled environmentally friendly materials.

Boasting an EnerGuide for New Houses rating of 83 (out of 100), this EnviroHome achieves energy savings that are 68% more than a home built to minimum Ontario building code requirements.  The home has features above and beyond customary R-2000 requirements.

"Building energy efficiency in a home from the ground up is so much better than retrofitting it later on," said Love. "Builders like Gordon and Stephen Tobey are proving that customers will buy a better product if it's offered to them. We're seeing an ever-growing demand for energy efficient products in all facets of our lives."

Gordon Toby Developments has shown a commitment to energy conservation since 1983 when they started building R-2000 homes.  "We made a conscious decision to design our houses with better insulation, better doors and windows, better heating and cooling systems, offering our customers a quality product," said Tobey.

"Energy efficient and environmentally sound approaches to home design and construction make up the foundation upon which the company was founded. All of our homes in Mill Pond Woods are R-2000 homes."

Geared for upscale retirement living, the showcase home has great eye appeal from all sides, a relaxed ambiance and an eco-friendly landscape. It is one of 74 all-brick R-2000 homes located in the Mill Pond Woods development, a natural wooded setting where the preservation of mature trees is an ongoing priority.

The Mill Pond Woods EnviroHome is one of only ten such projects scheduled to take place across Canada in 2007. The EnviroHome program is sponsored nationally by the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) and TD Canada Trust and receives support from the Government of Canada. EnviroHome projects feature a showcase home open to the public that demonstrates environmentally oriented new home design and construction.


Ontario Power Authority Media Contact: 416-969-6703

Gordon Tobey Developments media Contact:  Stephen Tobey, 613-475-0618, (on-site cell: 613-847-0827)

About the Chief Energy Conservation Officer:
The CECO will assume leadership for developing and implementing energy conservation initiatives, advising on relevant government policy and targets for conservation, and educating and promoting energy conservation to all Ontarians.  The CECO is an integral member of the Ontario Power Authority's senior executive team.  For more information, visit www.conservationbureau.on.ca.

About Gordon Tobey Developments:
Gordon Tobey Developments Ltd. has been an R-2000 builder since 1983. By incorporating R-2000 construction techniques with enduring design and outstanding craftsmanship, Gordon Tobey Developments Ltd. builds homes of exceptional quality, which provide long-term value to homeowners. For more information, visit www.tobeydevelopments.com.