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Interview Opportunity : Throne Speech / Energy Efficiency (Ken Elsey)

Tuesday, October 16th 2007 5:26:10pm


Ken Elsey, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA)


Post Throne Speech (8:00pm)


Mr. Elsey is available for comment on the Federal Government’s Throne Speech; specifically, about energy efficiency as it relates to environmental and climate change initiatives.

A recent report released by the Consumers Council of Canada recommended the inclusion of energy efficiency standards in the National Building Code to help reduce energy use and save Canadians on their home heating and cooling bills (see www.consumerscouncil.com).

Mr. Elsey stated, “For a Government which says it is so committed to tackling climate change, it’s time this Federal Government incorporate energy efficiency into a national building code.”

Mr. Elsey can provide comment on specific areas, including:

• How energy efficiency is a simple and inexpensive
         method to reduce home energy costs and reduce
         greenhouse gas emissions;
• What areas of the home should be insulated and what
         options exist when choosing insulation;
• How other provinces are enhancing energy efficiency; and
• What steps the Government should take on energy

Media Inquiries:

Ken Elsey, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, cell: (416) 558-8735

e|c|o: 416-972-7401

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), a broad based, not-for-profit organization, was established (1995) to respond to the lack of a coordinated multi-stakeholder effort to promote energy efficiency in Canada, leading to enhanced competitiveness and improved environmental protection. The Alliance works in partnership with manufacturers, utilities, governments, builders, labour, consumer groups, and environmental organizations to facilitate the adoption of energy efficiency measures in Canada. The Alliance is supported through fees and project contributions from members.