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Homeowners move in to Ontario’s first combined ENERGY STAR and R-2000 homes

Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 4:43:38pm

Encondo’s new energy efficient homes in Callander (near North Bay) will save energy and money by utilizing affordable technology

(Callander, March 22, 2006)  Energy efficiency is the hottest new trend in new home sales, but unlike most trends, this one saves you money.  While most homeowners may be a little concerned about fluctuating energy costs, those who have just moved into the new energy efficient homes built by Encondo Homes can rest assured that they have just bought one of the most energy efficient homes built in Ontario.

Mayor Bill Brazeau attended the Grand Opening today to observe Northern Ontario’s first dual ENERGY STAR and R-2000 qualified homes, which also have barrier free features to make them suitable for retirees and people with disabilities.  

At the Grand Opening, Ross MacLean of Encondo Homes handed the new homeowners the keys.  “We’re very happy to have the new owners move in.  I’m certain they will enjoy their new homes, as ENERGY STAR and R2000 qualification ensure both quality and comfort.”

“To be labelled ENERGY STAR, you must be the best in your class, in terms of energy efficiency,” said Lenard Hart, Director of Business Development for EnerQuality Corporation, the company that runs the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program in Ontario. “And to achieve R2000 at the same time means that you have also added other environmental and indoor air quality features to make your home more sustainable.”

Encondo Homes achieved high energy efficiency through careful construction and high quality materials, such as low e-argon windows, enhanced insulation, draft proofing and duct sealing.
They also incorporated affordable technology, such as high efficiency boilers, on-demand hot water, solar hot water heating and hydronic radiant floor heat.

“A well built, high quality, energy efficient home is your insulation against rising energy costs.  These ENERGY STAR/R2000 homes are calculated to use 40 percent less energy ($750-$1,000 per year) than a home built to minimum Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements,” said Hart.

The 1100 sq. foot homes, located at 3 and 5 Golf Course Road, Callander, are next to Osprey Links golf course.  Each home features open concept living, a covered porch, a long-lasting steel roof; a high wind package; ceramic tile; hardwood laminate; and oak or cherry cabinets.  

To make the homes barrier free, Encondo incorporated one floor living, air tubs, maintenance-free exteriors, and wider doorways and entrances.

The Grand Opening, to celebrate Northern Ontario’s newest energy efficient homes, included an art show with an environmental theme, by artists Bruce St.Clair, Lori St.Clair, Robert Smith, Mark Smith, Pat Stamp and Lynne Lavigne.  

With energy savings of 30% to 40% above the minimum building code requirements, each home will reduce green house gas emissions by 2 to 3 tonnes.  “Not only will the homeowners save money, but they will also be helping the environment,” concluded MacLean.

For information on Encondo Homes, visit www.encondo.com.


For more information, digital photos, or to arrange interviews, contact:

Ross MacLean of Encondo Homes, 705-752-4829 or okam@onlink.net.

Brent Kulba, EnerQuality (ENERGY STAR/R2000) media relations, at 416-972-7401

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes is a label given to homes that meet balanced, whole-house, energy-efficiency standards, guaranteeing their owners significant energy savings.  New homes that receive the ENERGY STAR label are 40 percent more energy efficient than those built to the minimum Ontario building code standards. The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.

R-2000 certified homes offer high energy-efficiency and advanced indoor air quality by incorporating tighter construction, higher insulation values and mechanical ventilation.  An independent, third party expert inspects each house to ensure that it meets these requirements before it can be certified as an R-2000 home. Only licensed R-2000 builders who have been trained by the Government of Canada can build R-2000 homes.