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New GreenHouse program brings “green” to the mainstream

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 11:46:56am

New GreenHouse program brings “green” to the mainstream

Indoor air quality, water conservation and waste reduction all part of 2008 Green Building Festival announcement

(Toronto, September 10, 2008) This morning, EnerQuality, announced it is now offering a new green housing program called GreenHouse™ certified construction.

GreenHouse was developed by EnerQuality in partnership with industry and government to bring the benefits of green building to the mainstream.  “GreenHouse is an affordable and practical option for homebuilders who want to move beyond energy efficiency to respond to consumer demand for certified green homes,” said Corey McBurney, Managing Director at EnerQuality.  

GreenHouse has four building blocks: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource management and water conservation.

GreenHouse Certified homes help reduce homeowners’ energy bills by about 30% over homes built to the minimum Ontario Building Code, and will reduce the home’s emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.  

Homebuyers will also benefit from improved indoor air quality thanks to the specification of paints and finishes low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and requiring improved ventilation and filtration systems for circulating air. In terms of reducing the burden on our natural resources, GreenHouse calls for less raw materials to be used in construction and emphasizes the importance of waste management to minimize the burden on our landfills as well as reducing water consumption by approximately 25%.

Performance tested, third party verified, and government backed, GreenHouse was designed to deliver real, measurable benefits to Ontario’s homebuyers today.  

“We believe that homebuyers and municipalities will appreciate the environmental benefits of GreenHouse Certified homes. But it is the fact that consumers can do the right thing while saving money and providing a healthier home for their families that will help make GreenHouse the new standard for better built homes”, added McBurney.

For more information:

Jonathan Laderoute
(416) 972-7401

EnerQuality Corporation
helps builders build more energy efficient and sustainable homes through certification, training and consulting. Founded in 1998 and supported by industry and government partners, EnerQuality is a licensed service organization to deliver ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, R-2000, the EnerGuide Rating Service, LEED for Homes and the brand new GreenHouse™ Certified Construction to leading homebuilders across Ontario. EnerQuality supports these voluntary certification programs with training and marketing support to give builders the options they need to succeed in the marketplace.