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Interview Opportunity: Ontario health care and technology breakthrough

Wednesday, March 25th 2009 10:16:26am

Interview Opportunity

Ontario health care and technology breakthrough

Ontario technology developed to capture routinely vented operating room anesthetics, which are potent greenhouse gases

Dusanka Filipovic, founder of Blue-Zone, is available to respond to questions about the new Deltasorb® technology and its successful trials in Ontario hospitals

Ms. Filipovic can speak on the following points:

• Blue-Zone's patented Deltasorb® system for capturing  anesthetic gases from hospital operating rooms;
• How anesthetics, potent greenhouse gases, are currently being vented  into the public environment;
• How the amount of  anesthetic gas exhausted into the public sphere from Ontario operating rooms has the equivalent environmental impact produced by 30,000 automobiles;
• How the Deltasorb® technology has the potential to provide a new source of generic anesthetic drug product for the medical community;
• The environmental and atmospheric dangers of anesthetics, and why they need to be contained;
• How Deltasorb® is being used successfully in leading Ontario hospitals.

See Globe and Mail Report on Business profile (March 23, 2009) for additional background information.  The article is available on this site under the title 'BlueZone Technologies Globe and Mail feature.

To schedule an interview, or secure digital images, please contact:

Tina Siegel, Environmental Communication Options
416.972.7401 or

Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd.
, a Canadian Company, specializes in the cost-effective prevention and measurable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from hospital operating rooms. The company is currently showcasing its globally innovative sustainable capture of excess volatile anesthetics. These are essential medical gases with high global warming potencies that are otherwise routinely vented into the atmosphere through the Operating Room's scavenging system. Blue-Zone's facility in Concord ( Toronto ), Ontario houses the first-of-its-kind Deltasorb® Service operation for Greening Anesthesia, also recognized by Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (SDTC) under their Clean Funding Program. The technology is suitable for regional adaptation and is available for licensing through strategic partnerships.