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Conservation Bureau presents award to Midland hospital for conservation efforts

Wednesday, May 31st 2006 11:57:57am

Conservation Bureau presents award to Midland hospital for conservation efforts

North Simcoe Alliance saves money and energy with Honeywell Energy Services

(Midland, May 30, 2006)  The North Simcoe Hospital Alliance was the proud recipient of the Ontario Conservation Bureau’s Certificate of Recognition, in celebration of the completion of the energy saving retrofit program at Huronia District Hospital in Midland today. Huronia District Hospital is a partner with Penetanguishene General Hospital in the North Simcoe Hospital Alliance.

John Jeza, Director of Commercial and Institutional Programs at the Ontario Power Authority, presented the Certificate to Gord Key, CEO at Huronia District Hospital.

“The North Simcoe Hospital Alliance has shown its outstanding commitment to the goal of energy efficiency,” said Jeza.  “By completing the retrofit, the hospital will use less energy, produce fewer greenhouse gases, make the facility more comfortable for patients and staff, and save money, making this a win, win, win, win situation.”

The Alliance teamed with Honeywell to complete the retrofit at the Huronia District Hospital site. The project included the redesign and retrofit of lighting systems, building envelope improvements, mechanical systems retrofits, upgrades to the building automation system and the replacement of the hospital’s air conditioning chiller and cooling tower, boiler plant improvements, grey water heat recovery and fire alarm upgrades.  

“We constantly look for ways to reduce costs,” said Key, “but this project is especially important because it also benefits the environment. Further, the savings in energy expenses are guaranteed to cover the $2.1 million project cost, so it’s a very positive story for our organization.”

“It’s rewarding to apply our expertise to provide solutions to hospitals that not only lower energy and operational costs, but also reduce environmental emissions,” says Luis Rodrigues, vice president of Energy Solutions for Honeywell Building Solutions. “In addition, the savings that the upgrades generate fund the work which Honeywell guarantees, making this risk free for the hospital.”  

“We at the Conservation Bureau appreciate the efforts the North Simcoe Health Alliance is taking to save energy.  Conservation and energy efficiency aren’t simply nice things to achieve, they are necessary,” says Jeza.  “When it comes to saving electricity, every kilowatt counts.”


For more information:

Conservation Bureau:
Barton Sala, 416-969-6009, Barton.sala@powerauthority.on.ca

North Simcoe Hospital Alliance/Huronia Hospitals Foundation
Frank Myers, (705) 526-1300 ext. 3136, myersf@nsha.on.ca

Lori Hunter, 416-758-2644, lori.hunter@honeywell.com