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1st prize goes to 10 year old Nathan Flach for best “Air Pollution Solution” essay

Tuesday, June 6th 2006 12:54:53pm

Winning essays announced at Fresh Air Fair

(Toronto, June 4, 2006) During the Fresh Air Fair today at Dundas Square (downtown Toronto), Paula
Lemyre from YTV’s Vortex, with Toronto Councillor Janet Davis, announced Nathan Flach as the 1st place winner of this year’s Air Pollution Solution essay contest.  Nathan, a student of Hawthorne II Bilingual Alternative Public School, was awarded $100 from the Clean Air Partnership for his essay.  The 2nd prize ($75) went to Phyllis Ung of Ogden Public School and the 3rd prize ($50) went to Brandon Escobar of Downsview Elementry School.

Nathan’s winning essay, ‘John, Nature Man and Lava Man,’ describes how John the vehicle idler is enlightened on the effects of idling and wasting energy by Nature Man and his brother with the lava emitting head, Lava Man.

Nathan says, he wrote it because “future kids and people also need to have clean air like us .”

Eva Ligeti, Executive Director of the Clean Air Partnership, the organization which holds the Fresh Air Fair, says that kids are part of the air pollution solution.  “Kids have the kind of creative energy we need to clean the air,” she says.  “We received over 450 essays from 30 schools across the GTA.  We were awestruck by the passion, humour and creativity students expressed when considering why clean air is important to them and what actions they planned to take to clean the air.”

The Fresh Air Fair also featured shadow puppetry, steel pan drummers, environmental booths and the Winona Stell Orchestra as part of the activities leading up to the Smog Summit being convened at Toronto City Hall on June 7, 2006.


For more information, please contact:

Eva Ligeti, Executive Director, Clean Air Partnership cap@cleanairpartnership.org,
phone: 416.392.6672


The Clean Air Partnership is a registered charity that works in partnership to promote and coordinate actions to improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gases for healthy communities.