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Landmark Homes opens Tillsonburg’s first energy efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified home

Thursday, July 6th 2006 4:17:02pm

Homebuyers now have ENERGY STAR upgrade option on all new homes

(Tillsonburg, June 28, 2006) Landmark Homes is the first homebuilder in Tillsonburg to build an ENERGY STAR qualified home.  At the Grand Opening today, MP Dave MacKenzie, Tillsonburg Mayor Stephen Molnar, Corey McBurney of EnerQuality Corporation (the company that coordinates and implements the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Initiative), and Landmark Homes cut the ribbon with over 25 guests who were the first to view this high energy efficient home.

“Tillsonburg is a place where people are very conscious of energy issues,” said Adam Hofstetter of Landmark Homes.  “Offering ENERGY STAR as an upgrade in all of the homes we build simply makes a lot of sense.”  

An ENERGY STAR home will save the homeowner 30 to 40 percent in their energy bills from day one, reducing electricity consumption by 1000 kWh a year, and saving approximately $1000 per year on total energy costs. By choosing ENERGY STAR, homeowners are also reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by three tonnes a year.

“Not only is choosing ENERGY STAR for New Homes a smart move to conserve energy and protect the environment, it leads to higher resale values by saving homeowners money, creating a healthier home, and reducing maintenance,” said Hofstetter.

Landmark Homes has met the rigorous ENERGY STAR guidelines through high quality, tight construction that prevents air leakage, in addition to upgraded insulation throughout, Low E Argon windows, a high efficiency furnace, heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and air conditioner, and a programmable thermostat, among other features.

“In light of increasing energy costs and climate change, energy efficiency is more important than ever,” said McBurney.  “I’m pleased that Landmark Homes is offering energy efficient homes. It demonstrates their commitment to energy efficient construction.”

The new 1,300 sq foot model home, located at 10 Fairway Hills Boulevard, contains maple floors in the main living area; tile in the foyer, kitchen and bathrooms; high quality carpet in other areas; a large soaker tub, and higher toilets and counters.  Landmark Homes has 12 different houses to choose from, including the option to build custom.  The sales office is located at 10 Fairway Hills Boulevard, Tillsonburg Ontario and is open special hours July 4 to July 6 from 5 to 9 pm with the builder. Regular hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 3 pm. (Contact Adam Hofstetter, Sales Rep Jack Graves Realty Ltd. at 519-983-7882.)

“Tillsonburg is a great place to live, and even retire,” said Hofstetter.  “Energy efficient homes help maintain a high quality of life.”
For more information or to arrange interviews, contact:

Brent Kulba, EnerQuality (ENERGY STAR) media relations, at 416-972-7401

ENERGY STAR for New Homes is a label given to homes that meet balanced, whole-house, energy-efficiency standards, guaranteeing their owners significant energy savings.  New homes that receive the ENERGY STAR label are 30-40 percent more energy efficient than those built to the minimum Ontario building code standards. The ENERGY STAR mark is a registered trademark of the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada.