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City of Waterloo’s outstanding energy conservation efforts during 2006 Voluntary Blackout Day garners Certificate of Recognition from Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer

Thursday, October 26th 2006 8:47:59am

(Waterloo, ON, October 25, 2006)  Today, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love presented a Certificate of Recognition to Mayor Herb Epp and the City of Waterloo for their outstanding energy conservation efforts during the 2006 Voluntary Blackout Day.

Cities across Ontario, responding to a challenge from Woodstock City Council, issued an electricity conservation challenge on August 13th, 2006 in recognition of the great blackout of 2003. Waterloo, officially assessed by Woodstock City Council, placed 2nd this year with a 2.7 percent reduction in electricity demand.  That translates into 82,000 kWh, the amount of electricity consumed by roughly 3,400 houses.  Windsor was the best performing community with a 4.4 percent reduction.

“When the lights went out in 2003, we were all reminded of the role electricity has in our lives―and that we can no longer take it for granted,” said Peter Love.  “I’d like to congratulate all of the residents, business people and city staff who reduced their electricity consumption during the blackout anniversary.  It’s not a surprise that Waterloo was so successful, after recently receiving the Community Sustainability Award from the International City Management Association and TVO's Greenest (large city) in Ontario Award.”

Mayor Herb Epp, who accepted the Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the City of Waterloo, said, “People in Waterloo have expressed their commitment to energy conservation and to the environment in many ways.  Achieving the 2.7 percent reduction in the electricity used on Aug 13th this year is yet another reflection of that commitment.”

The City of Waterloo, with Waterloo North Hydro, encouraged people to conserve electricity and provided tips on reducing consumption at home and in the office.  Residents, businesses and city staff responded by turning off air conditioners, lights, appliances and computers, successfully reducing demand.

“Waterloo’s leadership shows that conservation does make a difference,” said Mr. Love.  “Every little bit adds up into huge savings of energy and money.”

Simon Farbrother, City of Waterloo Chief Administrative Officer, acknowledged the effort of staff in this process.  “Sustainable development is one of the City’s top priorities.  Staff from across the organization worked on this initiative to raise awareness in the community, as well as to identify opportunities to conserve energy throughout Waterloo.  We’re very proud of the results.”

“By participating in the Voluntary Blackout Day, a lot of people learned that energy conservation can be very easy, and it’s also something that we can do everyday to ease the strain on our electricity system,” said Mayor Epp.  “I look forward to beating our record next year.”


For more information, contact Barton Sala, Conservation Bureau, 416-969-6009, barton.sala @ powerauthority.on.ca