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Tips to put an E N D to waste this Christmas

Friday, December 8th 2006 3:51:17pm

Attention Lifestyle/Consumer/Assignment Editors:

Chris Winter, Executive Director of the Conservation Council of Ontario, is available for interviews to talk about buying the best environmentally friendly gifts this holiday season.

A Conservation Christmas
Tips to put an E.N.D. to waste this Christmas

(Friday, December 8, 2006)  The Conservation Council of Ontario wishes to remind everyone to buy environmentally-friendly gifts this Christmas.  They’ve set up a special web page at www.weconserve.ca with conservation gift suggestions.  They’ve also produced a radio PSA featuring Canadian comedian Colin Mochrie, who is helping promote a conservation Christmas.

In particular, the Council wants people to help put an E.N.D. to waste by looking for gifts that are “Energy-efficient,” “Natural,” and “Durable.”

“Christmas is the most important time of year to remember to conserve,” said Chris Winter, Executive Director of the Council, a charitable association of 44 provincial and local organizations.  “The appliances and electronics you buy for Christmas will drain electricity year round, so you should make sure to buy the most energy-efficient models.”

For energy efficiency, look for:

o rechargeable batteries
o EnerGuide ratings on appliances
o LCD screens, which are 30 – 40% more energy-efficient and are more durable than plasma screens.
o standby power of one watt or less
o renewable power to offset your consumption

For natural products, look for:

o organic cotton or hemp clothing
o organic and local produce
o Fair Trade coffee and chocolates
o products with no hazardous materials

For durability, be sure to buy quality products that will not wind up in the garbage within a year.

People and families can also make a pledge to “Lighten Up” in 2007 and join the Council’s campaign to reduce electricity consumption in Ontario.  

Gift ideas are available at www.weconserve.ca.


The RADIO PSA is also available at www.weconserve.ca.

For more information or interviews:  

Chris Winter, Executive Director, the Conservation Council of Ontario, w: (416) 533-1635 Ext 1., C: (647) 393-5000

The Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) is a non-government, charitable organization with a mandate to promote cooperation for conservation and a healthy environment in Ontario, Canada.