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GTTA Board sets 2007 agenda in motion

Friday, March 23rd 2007 6:07:41pm

Media Release
For Immediate Release

(Toronto, March 23, 2007)  Ontario Minister of Transportation Donna Cansfield addressed the first ever meeting of the directors of the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority (GTTA) today.  At this milestone event, she welcomed the new board members and expressed enthusiasm for the GTTA’s mission to create a world class transportation system.

The board members were unanimous in their support of the importance of working together to achieve excellence in transportation across the GTTA region.  They emphasized the importance of building on previous work completed across the municipalities, including inter-regional networks and collaborations.  And in addition to setting administrative and management directives and procedures, they discussed initiatives that will improve transportation in the GTA, including a GTA-wide fare card system.

“We were eager to meet today and begin the task of improving the transportation system in the GTTA region” said GTTA Chair Rob MacIsaac, the former Mayor of Burlington.  “This Board is anxious to deliver both short term wins for the region and a long term plan for improving people’s mobility.  We also know that everyone benefits from cooperation and dedication to a common vision and approach to transportation.”

“I’m impressed by the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that the Board Members possess, and their obvious commitment to the task ahead,” added MacIsaac.

Over the coming months, the GTTA will build its foundation in preparation for the creation of a GTTA Transportation Plan.  MacIsaac said he anticipates delivering this plan to the Minister in the first quarter of 2008.


For inquiries, contact:

Rob MacIsaac, Chair
Greater Toronto Transportation Authority
(416) 361-3030, ext.1008

Fran Agnew, Executive Assistant to the Chair
Greater Toronto Transportation Authority
(416) 509-5810, cell