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Woodstock auto parts manufacturer recognized for energy conservation

Friday, November 2nd 2007 12:22:11pm

Media Release - For Immediate Release

Energy conservation investment pays for itself in only 2 years

(Woodstock, Ontario, November 2, 2007)  Peter Love, Ontario's Chief Energy Conservation Officer, awarded Canada Mold Technology Inc. a Certificate of Recognition on October 22nd for its ambitious energy conservation efforts.

With assistance from Woodstock Hydro and an investment of $80,000 at their 5,574 square meter plant, the company achieved annual energy savings of $40,000 - paying off their initial investment in only 2 years.

"I'm pleased to present a Certificate of Recognition to Canada Mold Technology to show the kind of effort that is being made to create a culture of conservation and ensure the long-term success of the province's conservation plan," said Mr. Love. "They are an excellent example of how companies can benefit from energy conservation, saving money and reducing their environmental foot prints."

Robert Punton, General Manager, who accepted the Certificate on behalf of Canada Mold Technology Inc., said, "This kind of efficiency gives us an excellent advantage in a highly competitive industry, and we're happy to do our part to help ensure we have enough electricity in the future to sustain our operations and protect the environment."

"We are seeing a lot of companies take an interest in energy conservation," said Jay Heaman of Woodstock Hydro. "Canada Mold Technology is a shining example. Just two years after their initial investment they've paid for their investment. The rest is profit."

Most of the energy savings were achieved through retrofitting the plant's lighting and air-compression equipment.


Media contacts:

Conservation Bureau/Ontario Power Authority Media Contact: 416-969-6703

About the Chief Energy Conservation Officer (CECO):
The CECO will assume leadership for developing and implementing energy conservation initiatives, advising on relevant government policy and targets for conservation, and educating and promoting energy conservation to all Ontarians.  The CECO is an integral member of the Ontario Power Authority's senior executive team.  For more information, visit www.conservationbureau.on.ca.

About Canada Mold Technology Inc.:
Canada Mold Technology Inc. primarily designs, builds and maintains plastic injection molds for the automotive industry, for interior and exterior components such as instrument panels, instrument panel substructures, instrument clusters and bezels, interior door panels, consoles, A, B, and C pillar sills, knee bolsters, exterior bodyside moldings, bumper fascias, air dams, step pads, wheelwell liners, wheel flares, front grilles, screen cowls and more.  For more information, visit www.canada-mold.com.